Tweeluik van acryl en maiskorrels op houten planken. Gemaakt in 2005. Titel: Crosses.

Crosses - acrylver op hout

Detail Crosses 1

Cross in our midst
golden sign of love and forgiveness
uniting the people
bringing and keeping together
hearts that turn gold
in the radiance of the Crucified
Will we look up to Your message?

Detail Crosses 2

Cross in our midst
standing lonely in darkness
of surrounding sinners:
those who are condemned
and those who condemn
scattered around, loosing touch
hearts that turn black
in the shade of the trial
will we give in to that evil?

Who needs to be crucified on the cross?
oh, die, die sin in us!

Tekst: Rosalie Vrijhof 8-12-2005.